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The Essence of the Sea

As you open your jar of Planted Seeds Gold or Purple Sea Moss, excited about the health benefits you’re about to introduce to your body, you may be taken aback by its smell. Don't worry—it hasn’t gone bad and it’s in its best form. We’re just bringing the essence of the Caribbean to you. What you’re smelling is real, wildcrafted, eco-harvested sea moss taking on the scents of the sea in which it was grown.
(Pro tip: Don’t be fooled…“Fake” pool-grown sea moss smells like the chemicals in which they were grown.)

We at Planted Seeds are committed to providing eco-farmed, nutritionally dense products while supporting a sustainable ecology and the local economy of St. Lucia. In partnership with local harvesters, we use innovative planting and seeding methods to cultivate our St. Lucia sea moss in a way that preserves the ocean's natural balance.

Unlike wild harvesting, eco-farming of sea moss doesn't involve stripping the entire plant from its natural habitat, which can have detrimental effects on the environment. Instead, we use a seeding method where only small sections of the plant are harvested, leaving the rest to regenerate and continue its natural growth cycle. This method ensures a consistent supply of sea moss while also preserving the delicate balance of the ocean's ecosystem.

Our commitment to sustainable practices extends beyond our harvesting methods. We take measures to reduce waste and our carbon footprint, including the use of biodegradable packaging materials and partnering with local organizations to develop recycling programs.

At Planted Seeds, our pure sea moss has a mild ocean essence, a natural scent that represents the eco-farming methods used, making a nutritionally dense sea moss that’s packed with minerals and vitamins to promote healthy bodily functions and support the immune system. We’re not only committed to giving you a pure product, but we’re also committed to sustainable eco-farming practices, local economic development, and high-quality products, working towards a sustainable future for both the environment and the people who depend on it.