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Featured on Fashionista and Yahoo! Life

Buzzy Beauty Ingredient of the Moment: Sea Moss


"Sea moss is probably the most nutritionally-dense food available today due to its high mineral, antioxidant, amino acids and omegas content, while being almost non-caloric, gluten-free and paleo- and keto-friendly," says Jake Vainer, the founder of Planted Seeds, which harvests its raw, organic algae from St. Lucia, where the local government regularly tests the waters for impurities. "In other words, it provides a ton of benefits without interfering with any restrictions or trends."


But not all sea moss is created equal. Vainer, the Planted Seeds founder, explains that demand has already eclipsed natural supply, leading mass-market retailers to source moss grown in pools, using chemicals and other additives, ultimately minimizing its nutritional value. Less sea moss is wild-harvested than consumers are led to believe.

Planted Seeds' own sea moss, though, is a product of what Vainer calls "regenerative and sustainable eco-harvesting," in which harvesters leave most of the plant attached by its roots to the rock so that it can regrow, never depleting the local ecosystem. From there, the brand uses pH-balanced, ultra-filtered water, as opposed to (the more prevalent) bottled "spring water" to lessen its environmental impact. Finally, the products are third-party lab-tested and cleared of heavy metals and pathogens. Unfortunately, not all brands are so well-regulated, shoppers — even the most health-conscious among us — may pay the price for some companies' shortcuts.

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